Ed Galloway's Totem Pole Park Restoration

The Rogers County Historical Society continues its ongoing restoration of Totem Pole Park's iconic sculptures. Beginning in 2008 - 2009, the entire large totem has been restored and painted. Now other structures in the park need restoration and painting before the concrete deteriorates further.  

The large totem is known as the Largest Totem Pole in the World and has been recognized as one of the premiere examples of Grass Roots Art in the United States.  The park is visited by many people each year, many of which are traveling historic Hwy 66. Every year over 10,000 visitors sign the guest book, over 1,000 of these come from outside the US. It is estimated that these numbers represent less than half of the actual visitors due to the fact that the Gift Shop is open only in the afternoons, and some people visit the park but do not come into the Gift Shop.  

Final phases of the Large Totem Pole restoration began in mid June 2015. The work was done by two artist who are experienced in large project restorations. The work included removing all loose paint, patching any loose or missing concrete, sealing the concrete, painting the objects, and adding a clear sealer. There are over 200 individual images and designs on the large totem, most  depicting  Native American culture. Each image was photographed, cleaned, and restored. 

Placed on the National Register of Historic Places  in 1999, Totem Pole Park must be restored, as nearly as possible, to its original condition. The work required large lift equipment that needed to reach the 90-foot height of the totem pole, high quality sealer and paint, and tedious attention to detail.

Operations and ongoing maintenance of the park are funded by visitor donations and Gift Shop sales. These funds are not sufficient for restoration needed for the park's sculptures.  Donations are gratefully accepted. The Totem Pole Park is a non-profit organization and donations are tax exempt.  Email totempolepark@gmail.com  for more information.  


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