Old Town Claremore

These coupons were sold to hotels and stores in need of ice to keep their items from spoilage. The RCHS archives have one fully intact coupon book in their archive room.

Will Rogers Airport. unknown date.

Will Rogers and friend Wiley Post. Did you know that Wiley post lost an eye before he ever became a pilot?

Will Rogers and his wife

Dedication of the town of Claremore.

One of the older homes in Claremore. This was a Sears Home Kit Construction home that was available for purchase.

How many people do you see in this picture?

Men and women getting water from their local well. Water was not as easy to come by as it is today and many still used oil lamps to see in their homes after dark as electricity was still very new then.

Will Rogers Parade

Claremore High School

Old Hotel in Claremore, Oklahoma. It is thought to be the now Adobe Village Apartments on J.M. Davis Blvd.

Photo of a small farm in approximately 1900.  The small girl in the middle is Adah Garrett. She grew up on this farm in Miami, Oklahoma.

Collins Drug on Main

An 8th Grade English teacher's syllabus 

Ford dealership on Main Street in Claremore, Ok.

Walker Brothers- Photo by Elizabeth Haas. Taken during the Chataqua Parade.

Cherokee Orphan Asylum, Salina- Erected 1884, destroyed by fire, 1903

OE Woods Lumber Company Ledger that was used by a Claremore business to record sales for their business. There are many intact pages for this in our archive room

Old receipt book from Walkers Department Store

First page of receipt book from Walker's Department Store