Claremore History

About Claremore
Claremore got its beginnings when Chief Gra-moi led his tribe of Osage Indians from Missouri to Indian Territory in 1802. He 
established a fur trading post along the Verdigris River atop a 25 acre mound which came to be known as Clairmont, a French word meaning "clear mountain."  Later, the chief become known as Chief Clermont.

Next, the Clermont  Mound was settled by Cherokees. In 1874 
the post office was established with the intention of naming the town after Chief Clermont. However, due to a clerical error, the name was listed as "Claremore."

Rogers County was created from the Cherokee Nation and was named for Clement V. Rogers, the father of Will Rogers, who was also a member of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention.